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Contracttech is a premium supplier of Contract Technology Staffing and Business Consulting services, established to satisfy the Information Technology industry’s need for top level technical staff on a temporary basis.  We support North America’s IT Contract staffing market, by providing fast and efficient resourcing to enable our clients to complete their projects efficiently, by providing access to the best talent in the marketplace. 

Whether you have a need for technical contractors for as little as 3 Months or as many as 3 years, we have the capability to deliver.  Our team of industry experts have provided staffing  solutions for some of the industry’s largest and most progressive organizations and we welcome the opportunity for new companies to benefit from the expert approach that we have developed.  

At Contracttech we are not simply about resumes and job orders as many companies in this industry are, we are professional business consultants in the business of finding the right talent for the right opportunities, in order to drive continuous business successes.    

Contract Staffing Services


What we can do for you:

We offer a delivery model which enables us to satisfy even the most difficult staff searches, using a combined approach that encompasses components such as social media, web advertising, candidate database searches, as well as industry referral and direct recruitment techniques. 

Whether you are seeking Systems Analysts, Developers, Project Leadership, Management or Sr. Executive level resources, we have a proven formula for success, in fulfilling your contract staff requirements. 

Our resources are fully incorporated and insured, prior to arrival at your offices. We take care of all associated payroll and administration costs, so all you have to do is meet the monthly expense and focus on your project initiative.  

A Professional Services Approach:


  • We will take the time to learn about your organization, project and team before we engage on the actual resource requirements to ensure our search is properly calibrated.
  • You will be assigned a single point of contact throughout the duration of your engagement with us, whom will look after all facets of the engagement.
  • Our focus is on quality of hire, as a positive and successful engagement will serve as the basis for a long-term business relationship
  • On each engagement we try to build in the quality and fit of a permanent resource, in the form of a contract engagement.

Service and Quality:

  • Our model incorporates the most current industry best practices and   encompasses certified strategic talent advisor principles, to help guide you to making the best decisions for your organization.
  • Whether you require a consultation about making modifications your requirements to increase your chances of success, or if you simply need assistance in identification of the key competencies from one candidate over another, we have the expertise you need to make informed and strategic decisions.
  • We will establish regular check points with both you, as well as the hired resource, to ensure the most positive outcomes of the engagement.

Delivery Model


At Contracttech, we treat each engagement as a Project and as such; we align ourselves with a customized, methodical project management approach, using the steps outlined below:    

  1. Requirement gathering is preceded by learning about your organization, your culture, your brand, differentiators and value proposition.  Then we move into your business need and position requirements.
  2. Project Plan – We will design and communicate the engagement model including key stake holders, roles, touch points and timelines, where possible.
  3. Develop our engagement plan, which includes research on whom we are targeting and where we will find them.
  4. Engagement – Sourcing, qualifying, evaluation and presentation of the resources.
  5. Follow-up to assess fit between both the candidate and the organization.
  6. Finalization – Ensuring both the contractor and the organization has everything required to efficiently begin their engagement.

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